How to play short deck holdem

Cash games with a shorter deck of 36 cards have appeared in many poker rooms. This type of poker is called “6+ Hold’em” due to the fact that the deck here starts with sixes. Although short-deck poker has been around for a long time, it has gained its current popularity in Asia. The fast-paced game, in which strong hands appear more often than in regular hold’em, was to the taste of rich Chinese fish, and then European and American sharks, who became regulars in Asian casinos and online poker rooms. Why is this format attractive there? In order to understand this, it is necessary to disassemble its rules. From the name it is clear that this is still the same hold’em with no limit bets, two cards preflop, the same streets of trade and the same combinations. The main features of 6+ Holdem are as follows; there are only 36 cards in the deck, from six and above, flush beats full house, ace plays the role of high and low card in straights.

“6+ Holdem”, with which cards to enter the game… Ax suited/ K9 suited/ All cards of Broadway (A,K,Q,J,10)/ 10,9 & 8,9/ A9/ Any pocket pair

Preflop… Putting allin for the stack in preflop AA, KK, AK … QQ, AQ sometimes, because they are weaker than earlier pocket cards … 10.9 and 9.8 can also be allin, but if there are already 2 or more players in allin, due to the fact that most likely these players will have duplicate A, K, Q and then 10.9 and 9.8 are already ahead in terms of chances … Throw away the rest of the cards

Flop… Any set, even 777, is potentially the best, put allin, even if there is a suited flop (there is practically no ready flush in opponents, you should not be afraid of it, and by the river there is only 33% that there will be another card of the same color for a suited flop), and even against an opponent’s ready straight, your chances are better by the river, Making a full house or better from a set = 51.6%

How bad to play a poker game “6+ Holdem”? Do not follow the rules in the paragraph – How to play short deck holdem!

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